Triennial Meeting 2018 Unified Gift

Mobile Loaves and Fishes

Community First! A place to call home


Community First! Village, a ministry of Mobile Loaves and Fishes in Austin, Texas, has been selected by the National Board of Episcopal Church Women as the recipient of the Unified Gift, which will be presented at Triennial Meeting in 2018.

Donna Emery, development director for Community First!, has described the village as a “novel approach to mitigating the problem of homelessness.” During a meeting in Austin last spring, the NECW Board visited the 27-acre village for the disabled, chronically homeless in central Texas. This is a place of wonder with affordable housing of varying styles, including many tiny homes; a huge community garden; a recreation center and community store; worship spaces and prayer labyrinth; a medical facility; even an arts center where unique pieces are handcrafted by village residents.

Time and again, Board members heard residents use the phrase, “my own place.” With this grateful pride comes responsibility as the people of Community First! share in the maintenance and administration of the village. This is a model of supportive community worth emulating, and Episcopal Church Women are in a unique position to encourage the life changing outreach happening in this wonderland. Please support this effort by donating to the Unified Gift.

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