December 8 - Day Fourteen

From Bad Days to Good Nights

Kylen and Greenleigh Parks. Photo credit: Beblon Parks

Kylen and Greenleigh Parks. Photo credit: Beblon Parks


When asked to write a prayer embodying the 2017 16 Days of Advocacy Against Gender-Based Violence theme, "From Peace at Home to Peace in the World: Making Education Safe for All,"  my thoughts quickly turned to my grade school-age grandson. As with many 2nd graders, he has had his share of ups and downs, bad days and feelings of rejection by his peers. When he has come home angry or hurt by some negative encounter of the day, he is greeted by caring and loving parents and a baby sister he adores. As his mother gently talks him through his anger to a place of calm, the tension that is released is palpable. The peace"that overcomes him when he embraces his little sister is the peace we wish to see in the world. It is also the peace we hope he will take back to school so that he will contribute to making education safe for all.

Heavenly Father, your son Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them, for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” As we send our children and grandchildren out into the world, protect them from all forms of violence, especially gender-based violence. Help them to be instruments of your peace. Amen.

An acrostic for Peace At (in the) Home

P- Protection
E- Emotional Support
A- Affection
C- Caring
E- Education

A- Affirmation
T- Tenderness

H- Honesty
O- Opportunity
M- Morality
E-  Empathy

Submitted by Beblon G. Parks, Member at Large - Social Justice, NECW Board

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