December 2 - Day Eight

A Christian Woman's Heart

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No two hearts are just the same.
We come from different families,
different backgrounds, different cultures.
We live in different cities, different countries,
different worlds.

A Christian woman's heart, though,
carries the love of Christ.
As any woman, she gives birth to
and nurtures the child.
And strives to bring them up
with the word of Christ on her lips.

The Christian woman's heart
loves the neighbor, shares with those in need.
Does her best to make sure her family is well
and the world a better place.
The Christian woman's heart
will fight for justice - and for her children.

But some Christian women's hearts
must remain silent.
For they are surrounded by turbulence
or violence or hatred or fear.
Deep inside, they carry the words of Christ
but their bodies show the marks
that Christ bore on the day of his death.

But by his blood and death on the cross
He brought new life.
Christian women's hearts need to bring that new life
to the struggling hearts.
With our prayers and stretching out of hands
across barriers.

We must give hope to the struggling hearts,
Light to the fearful hearts,
Faith to the  unsure hearts,
Comfort to the suffering hearts,
Peace for the hearts in turmoil,
And love to the poor hearts.

No two Christian women's hearts
are just the same,
But they are connected, in a special way,
by Christ's Love.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for,
the conviction of things not seen."
(Hebrews 11:1)

by Vicki Wellnitz

Shared by Patricia Wellnitz, Secretary, NECW Board

Webmaster NECW