November 29 - Day Five

Day 5.jpg

And it begins with me…

Surrounded by hostility, preconceptions and misconceptions, how does one find safe places to seek, learn, and find peace?

Not everyone has the gift of a loving family, a support system that lifts up education and personal growth. There are sisters amongst us who appear to have all of that, yet, when we explore deeper, we learn that it is a facade. There are conditions and restrictions on what is acceptable for her learning and education, often with the best of intentions. What and how we are called to learn is unique to each of us, often it fits well into the societal expectations, but what happens and what are the consequences when it doesn’t?

Each of us, no matter what our station in life, our family dynamics, culture, or race deserves to be able seek, learn, stretch and grow. We face challenges and at times enormous obstacles in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. It is in these times that it is important to remember you are Beloved, God’s Beloved, just as you are, every step of this journey.

Take a deep breath, center yourself, say a prayer and seek to find and believe in what is possible.

Today I will humble myself and strive to find peace in my heart, in turn, to be God’s Light to others as I continue to grow and learn.

Evita Krislock, Province VIII Representative to the NECW Board

Webmaster NECW