November 26 - Day Two

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There's a wonderful choral musical piece called "The Peaceable Kingdom" by American 20th Century composer Randall Thompson. It was inspired by a painting of the same name by Edward Hicks and it is based on the text from Isaiah 11:6-9: "the wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the lion and the fatling together, and a little child shall lead them." The music ebbs and flows, sometimes with despair but most often with wonderful, pastel harmonies and gentle words. As we celebrate Christ the King Sunday today, that is the kingdom we imagine, that is the kingdom God intends - that is the kingdom Christ came to show us - a "peaceable kingdom." It is up to us to help establish that kingdom here on earth in this time and this place. When there is peace in the home, when all, regardless of gender, are treated with care and respect, are offered the same opportunities for growth and education, that peace flows out into the world and opens up windows of knowledge that can do nothing but offer hope to the women and girls of this planet. May it be so.

Jennifer Kenna, Province II Representative to the NECW Board

Webmaster NECW