Meeting Schedule for the 2015-2018 NECW Board


Oct. 22-27: Province V, Diocese of Indianapolis Contact:


Feb. 25-Mar. 1: Province IV, Diocese of Southwest Florida Contact:

Jul. 7-12: Province III, Diocese of Maryland Contact:

Sep. 29-Oct. 4: Province II, Diocese of Central New York Contact:


Mar. 2-7: Province VII, Diocese of Texas Contact:

Jun. 22-27: Province VI, Diocese of Minnesota Contact:

Oct. 12-17: Province I, Diocese of Connecticut Contact:


Jan. 25-30: Province VIII, Diocese of Hawaii Contact:

Apr. 18-25: Province IX, Diocese of Venezuela (tentative) Contact:

Jul. 5-13: ECW Triennial Meeting / General Convention, Austin, Texas Contact:


(Note: Province representatives to the National ECW Board are responsible for notifying the people in their regions about the details of the board's visit that relate to them. Questions about a visit should be directed to your province rep.)