Job Description - Treasurer

It is strongly recommended that the Treasurer have served one term on the National Board of the Episcopal Church Women prior to election to this office. Attendance at all Board Meetings is expected; service on the Board must take precedence over responsibilities with other organizations.


  1. Manage and keep accurate records of all financial transactions of the organization.
  2. Serve as Chair of the Finance Committee.
  3. Serve on the Triennial Meeting Team.


  1. Receive, record and forward all contributions and payment requisitions for the Episcopal Church Women to The Episcopal Church Center for crediting to the proper ECW account.
  2. Keep an accurate record of all money received and paid out, and reconcile such accounts with those of the DFMS as often as the Board may require.
  3. Submit recommendations of the Finance Committee to the Board for its approval.
  4. Plan and conduct, with the Finance Committee, the Finance Hearing at the Triennial Meeting, if necessary.
  5. Conduct an orientation session on procedures for travel reimbursement with the incoming Board before the close of the Triennial Meeting.
  6. Coordinate with the incoming Treasurer for the transfer of the financial records through the end of the calendar year.
  7. Submit and review a financial report at each Board Meeting of the entire triennium to the Board.
  8. Verify and sign all financial contracts entered into by the Episcopal Church Women National Board. The Treasurer and Secretary should confer on meeting site contracts.
  9. With approval of the Executive Committee, appoint a Controller from the ECW National Board whose responsibility is to authorize the Treasurer’s Board expenses.
  10. Maintain a list of the assets of the National Episcopal Church Women, as well as the whereabouts and security of all of their materials and equipment.
  11. Provide the Secretary with the final financial report at the end of the calendar year for the Archives.
  12. Maintain a notebook with all information pertinent to the Treasurer’s tasks, responsibilities, and electronic print and records to be given to a successor.


Proficiency with accounting software programs and basic bookkeeping procedures
Organizational ability and attention to detail
Proficiency with computer and other technology devices including online conferencing and social media