Job Description - Second Vice-President

The Second V/P must have served one term on the National Board of the Episcopal Church Women prior to election to this office. Attendance at all Board Meetings is expected; service on the Board must take precedence over responsibilities with other organizations.


  1. Plan, supervise, edit and disseminate all information and communication about the Episcopal Church Women, including print, film and electronic.
  2. Assume the duties of First Vice-President should the First Vice-President be unable to serve, or become President.
  3. Serve as Chair of the Communications Committee.
  4. Serve as public relations coordinator for the National Board.
  5. Oversees work of Multimedia Member-at-Large.


  1. Oversee the production of the ECW Communiqué and the eCommunique.
  2. Proof the copy of the Communiqué before printing.
  3. Oversee the design, production and distribution of ECW brochures and other printed materials.
  4. Oversee an accurate record of materials requested and distributed.
  5. Meet with the Province Representatives at the end of each Board Meeting to determine items to be included in letters to be distributed after each Board Meeting.
  6. Oversee the production of all electronic and print media including website and social media, and obtain Board approval prior to distribution.
  7. Provide the Secretary with copies of all issues of the Communiqué published during the Triennium, for the Archives.
  8. Attend the Annual Meeting of the Episcopal Communicators; may designate the Multimedia Member-at-Large to attend in her place.
  9. Oversee implementation of the Communication Awards at TM.
  10. Assume duties of Multimedia Member-at-Large when that position is vacant.
  11. Maintain a notebook with all information pertinent to Second Vice-President’s tasks, responsibilities, and electronic and print records to be given to a successor.


Organizational ability
Oral and written communication skills
Management skills
Attention to detail
Design and layout skills
A thorough understanding of the intricacies of the Triennial Meeting
Proficiency with computer and other technology devices including online conferencing and social media