Job Description - Province Representative

It is strongly recommended that the Province IX Representative be bilingual so that she may fully participate in and contribute to the deliberations of Board Meetings and the well-being of her Province. Attendance at all Board Meetings is expected; service on the Board must take precedence over responsibilities with other organizations.


Province Representatives are the vital link between churches, dioceses, and provinces and the National Board of the Episcopal Church Women.


  1. Communication is an important responsibility. Representatives are to disseminate information on programs and gather information from their constituencies to relay to the Board. Newsworthy articles about activities in her province may also be requested for inclusion in the Communique and e-Communique.
  2. At least three (3) weeks before each Board Meeting, personally contact the Diocesan Presidents (or the equivalent) and write a summary report for the full Board Meeting. Email the report to all Board members one week prior to the Board Meeting.
  3. Within two (2) weeks after attending a full Board Meeting, send a letter to contact persons in her province. This letter is to contain pertinent information from the Board Meeting.
  4. Maintain a current list of people in her Province to be contacted. This list should include Diocesan Bishops, Diocesan and Provincial ECW Presidents, Provincial ECW Board (including representatives to United Thank Offering, Church Periodical Club, Altar Guild and Daughters of the King), Province Coordinators and Lay and Clergy National Executive Council Representatives, and other key people in the Province. Distribution of letters may be email or snail mail or both.
  5. Is encouraged to visit as many dioceses in her province as time and financial constraints allow, and is expected to attend the annual provincial women’s meeting.  Reimbursement will be allowed up to the budgeted amount. Repeat visits to a diocese will not be reimbursed unless approved by the Finance Committee prior to the visit.
  6. Responsible for informing the Treasurer of identified Aid to Delegate needs.
  7. When a Board Meeting is in her province:
    • make arrangements for the Board to have at least one eucharist during the time there;
    • invite the women of the province to meet with the Board;
    • provide snack food and drink for the Board.
  8. Assignment to two or more Board committees is to be expected.
  9. Maintain a notebook with all information pertinent to her Province Representative tasks, responsibilities, and electronic and print records to be given to a successor.
  10. Perform other duties as assigned.


Leadership skills
Oral and written communication skills
Proficiency with computer and other technology devices including online conferencing and social media