Job Description - President

This is a full-time position that requires deep commitment, patience with a variety of administrative tasks, public speaking skills, and a considerable amount of travel. The President must have attended at least one Triennial Meeting as a certified delegate or alternate and served one term on the National Board of Episcopal Church Women prior to her election to this office. Attendance at all Board Meetings is expected; service on the Board must take precedence over responsibilities with other organizations.


  1. Provide leadership at all meetings of the National Board and at the Triennial Meeting.
  2. Serve as the spokesperson for the Episcopal Church Women.


  1. Preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee, the National Board and the Triennial meeting.
  2. Serve as an ex-officio member of all board committees.
  3. Confer with the Executive Committee to plan the agenda for National Board meetings, and distributes the agenda two (2) weeks prior to each Board Meeting.
  4. Prepare the President’s report and e-mails it to each Board member at least one week before the Board Meeting.
  5. Oversee the ongoing work of the National Board.
  6. Plan the implementation of the Triennial Meeting, along with the First Vice President.
  7. Serve as a member of the Joint Committee on Planning and Arrangements for General Convention, which meets once per year.
  8. Serve as the National Board Representative to international or national women’s ministry organizations of The Episcopal Church or the Anglican Communion.
  9. Designate a member of the National Board to represent ECW if she is unable to do so.
  10. Attend one provincial meeting in each province during the triennium, if invited.
  11. Write articles for the ECW Communiqué and other publications of The Episcopal Church upon request.
  12. Prepare and deliver speeches, upon request, at meetings of the Episcopal Church Women throughout the church, and for other groups.
  13. Maintain copies of minutes and records of the National Board of the Episcopal Church Women, as handed down from President to President.
  14. Prepare a history of her term within six (6) months of the end of the Triennium.
  15. Meet with the First Vice President following an extended illness requiring the suspension of her duties prior to the next Board Meeting.
  16. Maintain a notebook with all information pertinent to the President’s tasks, responsibilities, and electronic and print records to be given to a successor.


Leadership skills
Knowledge of Parliamentary Procedure
Oral and written communication skills
Familiarity with the diverse women’s ministries of the church
Proficiency with computer and other technology devices including online conferencing and social media