Job Description - Member-at-Large, Social Justice

Attendance at all Board Meetings is expected; service on the Board must take precedence over responsibilities with other organizations.


Serve as Chair of the Social Justice Committee and coordinate all social justice activities of the ECW National Board.


  1. Monitor, update, and educate the Board on social justice issues before The Episcopal Church.
  2. Appoint the Women to Women liaison and oversee the Women to Women program.
  3. Present Social Justice Committee recommendations to the Board for approval, including the triennium Unified Gift and Community Connection.
  4. Oversee all current Outreach projects and promotional campaigns approved by the Board.
  5. Collaborate with the Communication Committee in disseminating information and materials on social justice.
  6. Assignment to one or more Board and Triennial Meeting Committees is to be expected.
  7. Share information about local and global events impacting human well being and justice through various Board media.
  8. Perform other duties as assigned.


Passion for Social Justice
Organizational ability
Oral and written communication skills
Multilingual ability helpful
Proficiency with computer and other technology devices including online conferencing and social media