Job Description - Member-at-Large, Multimedia

Attendance at all Board Meetings is expected; service on the Board must take precedence over responsibilities with other organizations.


  1. Serve as a member of the Communications and Information Committee.
  2. Develop multimedia resources for the National ECW Board and the women of the church.
  3. Oversee and implement all multimedia applications used by the National Board.
  4. Work under direction of Second Vice-President.


  1. Liaison for the maintenance of the ECW website, including
    • update the contact information of the National Board, Province ECW Presidents, and Diocesan ECW Presidents as it is received;
    • keep the calendar, and other information as directed by the Board.
  2. Oversee the address list for the Communiqué and electronic newsletters.
  3. Edit the electronic newsletter, Facebook page and electronic media as requested.
  4. Coordinate or produce other multimedia items as directed by the National Board including language translation.
  5. Archive all electronic information.
  6. Perform other duties as assigned.
  7. Maintain a notebook with all information pertinent to Member-at-Large Multimedia tasks, responsibilities, and electronic and print records to be given to a successor.


Computer proficiency
Proficiency in all forms of electronic media
Ability to learn new programs quickly
Organizational ability
Oral and written communication skills
Bilingual (Spanish/English) ability helpful