Samar Fay


Samar Fay.jpg

Samar was born into an Air Force family at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. They moved around the South, to New York state, to Germany, and to Aurora, Colorado, where she went to high school. She studied international relations at Vassar College, spending junior year abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, and graduated in 1968. She earned an M.A. at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

 Samar married Mike Fay, a West Point graduate, and continued the nomadic life, moving from east coast to west coast, Germany to Hawaii. They have two sons, both in the TV industry. Mike became a doctor while in the Army, and when he retired, they moved to a small town in northeastern Montana to establish a private practice. Samar was the reporter and photographer for the county newspaper, then the editor for 12 years. During this time, Mike answered a call and was ordained an Episcopal priest. They were deputies to General Convention in 2012.

In 2013 they moved to Salida, in Mike’s home state of Colorado, where he is the rector of Ascension Church. This is where Samar became involved with ECW. Nowhere in her life as a military kid and military wife had she encountered ECW. She attended a women's retreat at the diocesan camp, Cathedral Ridge, and chanced to meet some very interesting women, many of whom were as questioning about the certainties of religion as she was. Then she attended the 2014 Province VI annual meeting in Denver and agreed to be the secretary. She attended the Triennial meeting in 2015. At the 2018 Triennial meeting in Austin, Texas, she was elected secretary of the NECW.

Salida is a fascinating, active mountain town loaded with events in every season of the year. Samar sings in the community chorus, is active in the Central Colorado Conservancy, acts and stage manages in the community theater, and rides in the local fox hunt (they never catch any foxes). Of course she is in the Altar Guild and the church choir. (How can the rector’s wife not be?) She has served on several vestries. She also enjoys reading, cooking, gardening and caring for three horses.