Rev. Gigi Conner

2nd Vice President (Information & Communication)

Georgene Conner Gigi.jpg

Life in church is never dull and I have spent my entire life in it, as an Episcopalian. Raised in Ocala, Florida, I was baptized and confirmed at Grace Episcopal Church, one of the oldest Episcopal churches in Florida.

The church has led me to many different places where I’ve worked and met a great diversity of people. I’ve been called a Sunday School teacher, a Director of Religious Education( Christ Church Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan) a seminarian (Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, Mass.),  an Assistant Priest (St. Paul’s Rock Creek parish, Washington, D.C. and St. Michael’s, the Upper West Side of Manhattan), a Canon (and sometimes loose canon) for Evangelism ( St. Peter’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Florida), and a Vicar  (St. Gregory’s, Woodstock, New York) – each title giving me some sort of identification but I’ve never been called a PIC (short for Priest-in-Charge) which is how someone referred to me when I arrived at St. Alban’s – a term of endearment I hope.

I live in Gulfport, just a few minutes away. Gulfport’s motto is: Keep Gulfport weird – so I feel right at home. I have one daughter who lives in St. Petersburg, and one who lives in New Orleans.

 Iona, Scotland and Holy Cross Monastery, in West Park, New York, are the places I go to get recharged, sing new music, pray with others from around the world, and learn how to be more inclusive in diversity in worship. I confess to often pushing the envelope and borrowing from other traditions and to be on the side of justice and pursuing the goodness of God..

This spring I will start Spiritual Direction Training with the Haden Institute at Kanuga and will be chaplain in residence for a week at Chautauqua, NY. In 2020 I plan to return to Israel through a pilgrimage for women which will focus on women in the Bible. I am also paying attention and concerned about Palestinian sisters and brothers who live the West Bank.