November 28 – Day Four

Prayer for all Women

By Evita Krislock, Province VIII Representative to the NECW Board

Photograph by Evita Krislock
Photograph by Evita Krislock

Heavenly Creator and Redeemer,

I seek your guidance and wisdom as a student of your Word. As your daughter, how am I able to hear your call? Can I hear the angel you sent my way when pain and despair threatened to overtake me?

When my path is dark and lonely, how does your light shine in?

May your light shine through my sisters, through the angels sent my way who radiate your peace and love. Thank you for the grace and peace that fills the room as I encounter their presence in the darkest of times.

Creator, continue to give me strength to carry on, to open my heart and mind to new ways of learning and, as I learn, may I strive to be a teacher for those who follow.

I pray to not let the fear of darkness hold me back, a fear of the unknown. May I continue to seek the light of the angels you have gifted to me.


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