December 8 – Day Fourteen

Saint Anne

Saint Anne
Saint Anne

Mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus. Anne's name means "full of grace." Anne and her husband Joachim prayed for a child. When Anne was too old to have baby, she had a very special baby. They named the child Mary. Mary became the mother of Jesus.

(Reference: The Children's Book of Saints, Louis M. Savary)

Saint Anne is patroness of, among others, unmarried women, housewives, women in labor, and grandmothers. She's also a protector from storms.

Prayer To Saint Anne

Dear Saint Anne,

I praise God and honor you for having been given the grace to be the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary and grandmother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many who have implored your help have felt the happy effects of your goodness and powerful intercession. Encouraged by this thought, I humbly implore you, oh good Saint Anne to hear my request:

(here mention your petition)

Oh loving Saint Anne, whose heart is ever full of human sympathy for those in trouble, pain or anxiety, have pity on me and grant me your favor as you have done for others in so many wonderful cases for the greater glory of God. Help me to know, love and follow Jesus by being a concerned citizen and an active member of His Church, and to reach heaven, there to praise God with you forever and ever. Amen.

Shared by Mary Beth Welch, Province IV Representative to the NECW Board

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