December 7 – Day Thirteen


By Ginger Lief, 2nd Vice-President (Information & Communication), NECW Board


Archangel Michael, patron saint of my parish, fought a great battle.

In heaven, Michael with his angels fought the dragon and his angels. He defeated this ancient serpent — who is called the Devil and Satan — and threw the deceiver of the whole world and his angels down to earth.  (Revelation 12:7-9)

As an archangel Saint Michael, (‘who [is] like unto God’), stands as a prince over other angels. By the early Church he was viewed as a protector of individual Christians against the devil — especially at death’s portal when he conducts the souls to God. In the Old Testament, Michael, one of the chief [angelic] princes, is portrayed as the helper of the people.  (Daniel 10:13 and 12:1)

My Prayer

As defender and guardian of souls against the forces of darkness—abuse and violence—may Archangel Michael watch over and guard the integrity of each child’s soul—‘the id’—the ‘I.’ May Archangel Michael watch over, and guide and strengthen all mothers and fathers in their responsibility as nurturers. Amen.

16days2016Lisa Towle