December 1 – Day Seven

Is There Hope?

By Jeannie Snyder

Original artwork by Ryan Wellnitz, age 15
Original artwork by Ryan Wellnitz, age 15

She’s living in darkness, She’s living in pain, Feeling there’s nothing to live for, There's nothing to gain.

He ridicules her. The words make her feel shame. The thoughts imprison her, She feels she’s to blame.

There’s not a bruise on her That anyone can see. The hurting is inside her From this misery.

What could help free her? What can anyone do? First ask God for guidance And pray for her, too.

Help lessen the bondage Support as much as you can. Listen and encourage Assist with a plan.

Be kind and caring In her time of need. Be a light in her darkness An angel indeed.

Shared by Patricia Wellnitz

Secretary, NECW Board

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